Workout of the Day

This Saturday: Off to the Races!


You’ve likely heard by now that some members of the No Boundaries family will be taking part in the Ray Miller Trail Races this weekend, running distances ranging from 30 kilometers up to 50 miles through Point Mugu State Park. For most taking on this adventure, this is uncharted territory, and a chance to put training principles and practice to the test. I think I speak on behalf of all participants in saying that we’re all a little scared, a little curious, and very excited to see where this experience takes us.

What this means for you, though, is a chance to support members of your No Boundaries team as they take on new challenges and enter themselves into the field of competition. While I don’t expect you to drop everything you’re doing on Saturday and drive a few hours to cheer us through the finish line, if you’re looking for a little weekend getaway, this might be the perfect excuse to go see the beautiful scenery that Point Mugu has to offer. Races will start early morning on Saturday, December 2nd, and depending on the distance run, competitors will finish some time in the afternoon or evening, and will be followed by camping and merriment by all. And, if you can’t swing a weekend trip up north, you can always send us good thoughts from afar, too.

(P.S. Because all coaches will be away at the races this weekend, this also means that our last class of the week will be this Friday (December 1st) at noon, to allow coaches/competitors time to make their way up the coast Friday evening. So get your fitness in early this week!)

- PS


  • Pause bench press - 5,5,5


  • For time:

    • 300m run

    • 30 KBS (53/35)

    • 15 T2B

    • 200m run

    • 20 KBS

    • 10 T2B

    • 100m run

    • 10 KBS

    • 5 T2B