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This Just In: CrossFit No Boundaries Has Life For Sale


Lining the metaphorical shelves here at CrossFit No Boundaries are numerous offerings: better physique, strong accountability, more strength, better endurance, increased stamina, improved movement quality, strong community, and maybe a T-shirt or two. Perhaps our greatest offering, though, is life. Yes, life. In fact, we specialize in life -- improving it, prolonging it, making you better at it -- it’s kind of our jam.

When I say that this fitness stuff that we offer at No Boundaries is life, I’m not saying it in the same way that a hormone-bathed teen may proclaim that “One Republic is life!” or “Westwoods High School football is life!” I mean it quite literally.

There are a few ways we can look at this.
First, if we take a look at the literature examining physical fitness and mortality, there’s an overwhelming body of evidence telling us that more fitness is strongly associated with longer life. Studies show us that higher measures of fitness are inversely related to all-cause mortality [1], those who are stronger tend to live longer [2], higher muscular strength is associated with decreased mortality from cancer [3], and more.

But more importantly, in my opinion, than simply lengthening life, fitness serves to enhance life as well. Fitness improves healthspan, not just lifespan. We can again look to the research and find plenty of evidence that fitness improves function in both the young and old: we have evidence that high-intensity resistance training changes muscle type and increases muscle size in the elderly [4], stories of 90-year-old athletes maintaining incredible function and showing lack of mitochondrial decay [5], studies showing increases in serum testosterone and growth hormone in both young and old participants exposed to resistance training [6], and plenty of evidence showing that physical strength leads to longer and better functioning [7]. Add to this a whole host of other ways that fitness makes you better at life: improved cognitive function, greater physical capacity, better physique, better emotional health, better capacity to face and handle challenges. The list goes on. This “life-improvement via fitness” is something that we know rather intuitively as well. Are we more interested in living (and extending) a life in which we can physically engage, in which we are self-sufficient and able-bodied, and in which we can continue to move freely? Or are we more interested in the alternative? Pretty easy answer, if you ask me.

The rhetorical question, “how much would you pay to spend another day on earth, alive and well?” comes to mind here. More life is available to you, better life is available to you. Are you willing to pay for it in sweat and discomfort? Maybe sweating seems like a lot of work in the moment, but in the framework of a better, longer life, the cost doesn’t seem all that high.

We’re proud of our product here, and we’re pretty stoked to share it with everyone we can. Here’s the thing: you’ve got a whole lot of life waiting for you, and we’d love to help you get there; but you’re the only one who can make it happen, and you’re going to need to get yourself ready to cough up some discomfort and effort to pay those fitness (life) bills.

Come and get it.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Complete 30 strict pull-ups in the fewest number of sets possible (8 minute time cap)

  • For reps, with a partner, complete:

  • (Note: only 1 partner is working at a time)

    • 4 minutes max cal row

    • Rest 1 minute

    • 4 minutes max ground to overhead (95/65)

    • Rest 1 minute

    • 4 minutes max toes to bar

    • Rest 1 minute

    • 4 minutes max cal row