Workout of the Day

This is a special place...


Taking a moment to really look at what we have here makes me really appreciate the community in our gym. The other day I took this photo while no one was looking. It was a genuinely endearing moment being shared between a close group of friends.

Funny thing is that not a single one of these people knew each other before they walked through the doors of this gym. Imagine that?

It's not everyday that total strangers come together for a shared cause. It's definitely not the case in your "typical" gym. While we spend a lot of time trying to help our athletes learn to develop themselves and achieve their goals, we also foster this incredible community of individuals that develop meaningful relationships and bonds as a result.

This isn't just a place to sweat, not just a place to bang weights. It's not just a place to lose weight or gain strength.

This is a place to set your mind at ease, where you can find your friends...your tribe. It's a place to learn and grow.

This is a really a special place.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


5 x 3


5 Rounds for Time

300m Run
20 Jumping Lunges
15 Chin Ups