Workout of the Day

There's A Reason For That


Every element of the programming, coaching and cueing, and business you encounter at No Boundaries represents a deliberate choice from our coaches and leadership. In short, there is nothing that we do or say that is not done or said for a reason. This is the natural result of an organization that engages in Deliberate Practice. Our approach is fundamentally a process of continued examination, evaluation, and re-evaluation.

Take everything from the exercise selection for today’s training, to the number of days we perform a push movement in this 3-week training cycle, to our tuition structure, to our word choice in communicating with our students. Each represents a reasoned choice aimed at an specific outcome. In addition, each of these is never a finished product -- we are constantly in the process of applying pressure to the system, finding the areas where it weakens or breaks, and making changes to improve.

This principle also stands at the heart of our Coaches’ Prep Course. It is our environment for developing coaches who are engaged in this same process of examination, evaluation, and re-evaluation, and our roundtable for applying pressure to what we currently do to search out the weak points.

Curious why we may do one thing and not another? Ask! We’re happy to share our process.

- PS


  • 20min AMRAP

    • 3 rope climbs

    • 10 box jumps (24/20”)

    • 30s deadhang from pull-up bar

    • 20 pistols