Workout of the Day

There Are No Corners


I’d like you to think back for a moment and consider whether there is a single workout in your past that stands out as “the one” -- the training session that changed everything, the workout that led you to turn a corner in your fitness and health. Consider the same for your nutrition and your sleep: is there one meal, or one night of sleep that stands out as the real gamechanger?

I’m going to guess that you, like most anyone else who has been asked this question, don’t have a single workout, or meal, or night of sleep that led you to turn a corner in your health and fitness pursuits. Why? Because there are no corners.

The real answer is that every training day, every meal, every night of sleep is a small part of a long and gradual turn. Think of a large arc or steady incline, with each choice and action making up a small portion of that line. This idea of “turning a corner” is antithetical to the process, and really a concept that only has space in retrospective thinking.

Let’s stop looking for the corners; eyes forward, keep moving.

- PS


  • Deadlift - 5,5,5


  • 5 min AMRAP

    • 8 DLs (225/155)

    • 50m KB farmers carry (70/53)