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The World Famous Program is HERE!


Those of you out there that know us and our program, YOU have been waiting for this 8-week course. With some help from our good friends at Deuce Gym we are ready to launch the next installment of our Specialty Courses, an introduction to the discipline of the sport of Strongman. This is old school! It's fast, it's heavy and you are gonna get dirty. Think kegs, yokes, tires, atlas stones, chains, and a whole lot of fun!


It goes without saying that Richard and I both see and know the benefits of “Strongman” programming. If you have been training with us you are already all to familiar with the odd shaped, awkward, heavy objects around our gym.

Despite it's name, "Strongman" isn’t just for men, nor is it just for the strongest people out there. Strongman 101, like our CrossFit program, is fully scalable. There’s no prerequisite on strength, fitness or experience to participate.

What will we do in Strongman 101?

The 8-week curriculum will have flipping tires, swinging a sledge hammer, lifting atlas stones, lifting and pressing kegs, using farmer’s handles, and carrying a yolk. Twice a week your training will be a combination of strength training and metabolic conditioning twice a week.

Why take Strongman 101?

Using awkward and unfavorable tools will

- Yield incredible gains

- Foster increased work capacity

- Build REAL world Strength

- Build Grip Strength

- PR in Maximal Lifts

So you're ALL IN at this point I'm sure and you don't want to miss your chance to hold your spot in the Inaugural Strongman 101 course at CrossFit No Boundaries.

Call 949-229-8049 to save your spot.

Or email me directly at

Still need more details...Here you go!

Strongman 101 begins on October 19, meeting on Mondays and Wednesdays at 7:30pm.

Space is limited to eight people for this program and a few of those spots have already been taken.

Program Length: 2 Months (2x per week)



-1 Payment: $350

-2 Payments: $190 ($380)


-1 Payment: $400

-2 Payments: $225 ($450)

Contact me directly if you have questions or if want to register,

Time is ticking...