Workout of the Day

The Thing That’s Not Different About You and Me


You and I probably differ in many ways. You may be stronger than I am, or I may be stronger than you. You may be a faster runner. I may have better balance. You may be taller. I may have better hip mobility. You might recover more quickly. I might have more training experience. You might have healthier joints. I might have greater lung capacity. The list goes on.

Where you and I don’t differ, however, is in potential. I’m not talking here about potential to achieve any particular metric, but potential to improve. You and I have the same potential to improve our physical selves. Regardless of starting point, regardless of strengths or weaknesses or propensities or past challenges or affordances, you and I have equal potential to move in the same direction: towards better.
And this should by our area of focus -- how we are the same, not how we are different.

- PS


  • Medball overhead throw sit-up - 3x8

  • GHD back extension - 3x8-12

  • 15 min AMRAP

    • 15 hang power cleans (95/65)

    • 15 push press (95/65)