Workout of the Day

The Strangest Choice You’ve Ever Had the Privilege to Make


Historically, we, for the first time, have the option to be sedentary, and this gives us a profound chance to choose the condition of our physical self. Technology has allowed us to do “more” without moving, and in fact, it has allowed us to do more (without moving) than we have ever been able to do with moving. This advancement, as a whole, is quite remarkable; but it leaves us with an interesting dilemma.

On the one hand, we now have the opportunity to willingly fall out of touch with the physical self. More and more, we are able to separate our “self” from our physical bodies. We haven’t quite figured out how to get rid of our need for a physical body entirely (though we are getting closer), but we have gotten to a point where people can carry on an “ordinary” life without ever having a need to use their body for anything that requires physical capacities such as strength, endurance, or speed. No longer does our survival rest on our physical capacities.

On the other hand, we have the greatest opportunity to refine and optimize our physical selves with the time, control, and understanding that technology has afforded us. We have the freedom and tools to train our physical bodies to capacities that exceed what we previously thought possible.

In essence, the span of what a human has the potential to be (physically) has been widened immensely. This is a strange and novel situation to be in. We can “get away with” being a less physically actualized being than ever before, or we can push the boundaries of what is physically possible. Most people will fall somewhere around the middle, but the unfortunate reality is that the majority of the population is trending towards the physically un-able side of the spectrum.

As with any choice, this dilemma is both a privilege and a responsibility. Recognizing that it is in fact a choice is an important step. We can choose to take ownership of our physical selves and to pursue physical betterment, but with this comes the acceptance that our condition is our choice, and this can be a hard pill to swallow. We can also take the passive route, telling ourselves stories about how our condition is not a product of our choices. While this doesn’t change the reality of the matter (that it is a choice), it feels good. It’s easy. It’s low risk and comfortable in the short term.

You do have a choice, folks. You are the most powerful and able force in determining which direction you’re going, so choose wisely.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Stone over bar - work up to heavy single

  • For time, 9-7-5 reps:

    • Stone to shoulder (2-3 sizes down from max)

    • Overhead squat (135/95)