Workout of the Day

The Standards vs You


It’s easy to fall into the trap of blaming the expectation or standard before you turn the lens on yourself. A standard which you cannot meet or exceed may seem excessive, and so the seeming solution is to lower this standard closer to your level. While this could be true in some cases -- perhaps a sales quota that is damagingly unrealistic -- it’s an open invitation for a race to the bottom.

The intention of standards is not to set a bare minimum, but to elevate every player in the game. Like a price-war between competing restaurants that leaves both with rock-bottom margins, haphazard cost-cutting and diminishing quality, and no vision of how to excel, there’s nothing to be gained from setting the bar lower because of your present standing. The standard does not exist to provide you with a convenient pat on the back.

Look around you: Where in your life are the standards damagingly low? Where are they challengingly high? I can assure you more growth will come from one over the other.

- PS


  • Goblet cossack squats - 4x16 (8/leg)


  • EMOM 15

    • 1) 30s max cal row

    • 2) 30s max Russian twist (45/25)

    • 3) 30s max 5m side shuffle