Workout of the Day

The Specialist


While we are open about the fact that our primary aim as a strength and conditioning facility is not to specialize in a particular sport or skill set (our mainstay training program is GPP -- general physical preparedness -- after all), there’s undeniable value in specializing in and digging deep on a particular sport or skill set.

Part of this value comes from the fact that, to the student whose athletic focuses are broad and inclusive (such as a student of our GPP program), time spent specializing in a skill will yield an extraordinary new view on skill transferability. Take, for example, the specific focus of Olympic weightlifting. While the GPP student may have exposure to and experience in weightlifting from her regular training, a venture into specializing in weightlifting will yield a view of how, for example, positions of extension in weightlifting transfer well into jumping power and generating momentum from the hips in gymnastic movement. The deep dive gives the student a new view of the underlying threads that connect different movement disciplines.

In addition, digging deep on a particular skill allows one to see and appreciate the depth of any given skill. While the upside of a GPP program is breadth of focus, exposure, and balance, the downside is a limited view of the depth of any physical practice. Put simply, it’s hard to appreciate how much is involved in a specific discipline without spending some time trying to explore the depths a bit. A year of GPP training will barely scratch the surface of what each of the disciplines and modalities you encounter has to offer. One need look no further than the fact that specialist athletes spend literal lifetimes developing and mastering the craft of gymnastics, weightlifting, throwing, endurance running, etc.

You and I, as non-professional athletes, benefit most from spending the majority of our time focused on GPP. This should be the basis of our training, and provides us with enough material and opportunity for learning and growth to last a lifetime. It can’t be denied, though, that there is a unique richness to be discovered in specializing. The opportunities are out there, and No Boundaries offers specialty courses to members and non-members to allow you to dig into specific disciplines for 8 weeks. Keep your eyes peeled for chances to take things to the next level!

- PS


  • Spend 15 minutes on handstand walks


  • 5 rounds for quality

    • 30’ handstand walk

    • 20 plank shoulder taps

    • 10 hollow rocks

    • Max time freestanding handstand hold