Workout of the Day

The Snapshot


Yesterday’s training offered a snapshot of your fitness. We use our Baseline workout as a way of facilitating you periodically checking in on where you are in your movement and your conditioning. The idea with the Baseline is not to spend weeks in preparation for your big performance, but to put it all on the line at a (metaphorical) moment’s notice. We are interested in the honest snapshot, not the done up, posed photo with perfect lighting and airbrushing to wash away blemishes. The idea with this is to get feedback. We’re not interested in rankings or record performances, but in a measure of progression, regression, or stagnation. And we’re interested in the picture of where you are right now -- not last week when you were feeling great or next week when you will have had a chance to prepare -- because that’s what will give us the most substantial and honest feedback.

As always is the case with feedback, the idea is that we make something of it.

Did you improve? Good. Relish in that! Could you have improved more? There are likely some ways.

Have you stayed the same? Have there been opportunities for improvement that you’ve ignored or missed? Have you made some choices, conscious or otherwise, that have halted progress? Are there changes that could kick start your progress again?

Did you decline? The formula for stress yielding adaptation relies on a number of other fixtures. Are these in place? Is the stress adequate? Is the stress greater than accompanying recovery efforts? Has there been consistency? Injury? Poor habits?

You have the answers to every one of these questions. Your snapshot of where you stand today is your cheat sheet -- take the chance to have an honest look at what the answers really are. Dig deep into where you are today, ask yourself the hard questions, and double down on the process!

- PS


  • Make 2 attempts at a max effort 400m run


  • 15 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 30s max cal row

    • Min 2: 20s max T2B

    • Min 3: 10 ring rows