Workout of the Day

The Rx Column


In the far right column on the whiteboard, next to your reps, time, or whatever other metric, is the “Rx” column. Here, every student specifies whether they completed the day’s training exactly as prescribed (“Rx”) -- with the prescribed weights, movements, reps, range of motion, etc. -- or whether the coach had them modify any of the elements.

While, at first introduction, this may be mistaken for an “are you legit or not” status mark that you can put by your name, that is far from the point. It is a measurable that’s just as important as everything else you may write up on the whiteboard: your score, your reps, your time, your weights, etc. The Rx column exists to measure progress beyond how fast you went and how many reps you performed. It asks: Where are you currently in relation to the standard? And when looking forwards and backwards, are you progressing your standards of performance, moving the needle in your movements beyond simply getting more work done in less time?

It’s easy to compare your performance with a metric like time -- last time I completed this amount of work in 7 minutes, this time I completed it in 6 minutes. Progress! However, I would urge you to consider the standards measured in the Rx column (and even those standards that are not) with equal importance. Are these measures progressing just as your time or whatever else is progressing?

- PS


  • Hang power snatch - 5rm


  • In 12 minutes:

    • 800m run

    • AMRAP

    • 15 hang power snatch (75/55)

    • 10 V-ups