Workout of the Day

The Program


You may have noticed something different about the Whiteboard this week.

We have changed our program direction, reset the compass. This time of year calls for something a little bit different...

Throughout the year a good portion of our program is focused on training strength...practicing and building a solid foundation. While absolute strength is undeniably important, it is not measured the same for all athletes and it is only one important component in the fitness game.

For that reason we split our daily CrossFit program into two different programs allowing students to pick a programming track suited to the individual athletes needs and goals.

Fitness or Performance.

We will always put a high priority on strength in our gym, but from now until the 2016 CrossFit Open we are really going to ramp up your efforts to make sure you are well conditioned. Strong isn't wrong, but you are going to need more to keep up with all the CrossFit Open workouts. We will not be running two different programs during this cycle. Fitness and Performance aren't gone forever...just on hiatus.

All of the workouts are still universally scalable and should be evaluated individually in order to accommodate an athletes ability level, desired intensity as well as personal goals. Regardless of the training program we will always work through mechanics, consistency and then intensity. Now let's get ready to have some fun during the Open this year.

-Lift Strong and Prosper






3 Rounds
750m Row
10 Squat Cleans (205/125)