Workout of the Day

The Problem With Access


We have an access problem. More specifically, we have a problem with seeking access and doing nothing with it. Consider this: large commercial gyms like 24 Hour Fitness or Planet Fitness have a regular attendance rate in the range of 10-20%. This means there are millions upon millions of people with all of the access they need, and none of the results.

The problem with access is that it is not enough. Undeniably, giving yourself more access will make you feel good, satisfy the itch for accumulation and belonging, but will change nothing.

While access may feel like a solution (“if I get a gym membership, then I’ll get fit”), it says nothing of participation, and participation requires far more than a monthly deduction of $50 dollars from your bank account to get you in the doors of your nearest health club.

The structure of our programs and tuition at No Boundaries speaks to our understanding of the value of commitment over access. There is a barrier to entry. It is not cheap. We do expect you to attend regularly. We do ask for your best effort. We’re not in the game of looking to grant more people access to something they will not use.

We want participants.

- PS


  • With a partner, 25min AMRAP

    • P1: 10 thrusters (115/80)

    • P2: 10 pull-ups

    • -switch-

    • P1: 20 deadlifts (115/80)

    • P2: 20 cal row

    • -switch-

    • P1: 30 air squats

    • P2: 30 DUs

    • -switch-