Workout of the Day

The Placebo Story


Stories are powerful. Consider, for example, the placebo effect. Sidestepping scientific jargon for a moment, the placebo effect is simply the belief in a story (“if I take this pill, my symptoms will improve”), and this belief in a story is powerful enough that it can actually change your physiology, often as effectively (and sometimes more effectively) than a chemical-based intervention. Pause for a moment and consider how monumental that is.

While the power of story can be of tremendous value, like anything else, its effects can be either positive or negative.

How do you think this placebo effect could manifest if you continually repeat to yourself stories about your own fragility?

How will your behaviors respond to the stories you tell yourself about your own distractibility?

Or, what will your actions be if you live in your story about your own adaptability and growth-mindset?

How will you behave if you create and believe your own story of focus and engagement?

If a story about the healing powers of a little pill are enough to wash away pain, what do you think the stories you tell yourself can do?

- PS


  • Max distance handstand walk


  • AMRAP 10

    • Max DUs

    • Every time the rope stops, complete 6 pull-ups