Workout of the Day

The Most Important Skill


What would you guess is the most important, numero uno, above-all-else skill? The skill that you can’t do without...

The squat?

Bracing your core?




None of these, actually.

The most important skill is your capacity to listen to, accept, and integrate critical feedback.

Ten times out of ten, I would bet on the long-term success of an individual with a developed capacity to see, accept, and learn from their mistakes than the individual who has a better starting point in whatever the context-specific skillset may be (athletics, mathematics, business management, customer service, etc.).

Put another way, without this skill, I expect your progress to be slow and heavily limited. With this skill, I see unlimited potential for your progress. It sounds harsh, and it is.

Notice that I used the word “skill” here. A skill is developed, not innate. It can increase or decrease with intentional effort or lack thereof, and it requires continued practice. Your skill level now is not where it could be in a year or where it was a year ago. Impermanence is terrifying, but it also screams: opportunity.

Do you find yourself throwing up defenses or shying away the moment critical feedback comes your way? Then here’s a gentle dose of critical feedback for you: it’s time to develop that skill!

- PS


  • AMRAP 30

    • 3 rope climbs

    • 15 overhead squats (95/65)

    • 400m run