Workout of the Day

The Long Game


When new students enroll at No Boundaries, we ask them to make a commitment. Part of this commitment looks something like a traditional business transaction -- signing of papers, payment, etc., but behind this is something rather significant and uncommon in most gym settings. We are direct and open with students about the significance of their commitment, the fact that they are signing up for something quite challenging, and we make it clear that we will uphold our end of the commitment -- to show up daily to provide the highest quality coaching -- and we expect the same level of commitment from them. To an outsider, this may even look like we are trying to scare away new students, but the reality is that we put high expectations on ourselves, and we understand that without high expectations of effort and consistency from our students, we are doing them a disservice.

Unfortunately, this story of mutual commitment between student and coach sometimes ends with a student not upholding their end of the deal. It’s hard, they’re tired, life gets busy, and it’s always easier not to show up than it is to show up. What’s missing, I believe, is the understanding that a commitment is not a one-time deal. For many, a commitment is seen as a shake of the hand, a signing on the line, or handing over some money and voila, it’s a done deal -- you are committed. But this is far from true. Commitment is a process. It is daily and ongoing. When someone quits smoking, they don’t just decide one Thursday to throw away their pack of cigarettes and never smoke again. They make the decision not to smoke on Thursday, and then again on Friday morning, and again on Friday afternoon, and again and again, every day of their life. The decision gets easier with practice, of course, but the reality is that it is a daily recommitment, not a one-time deal. Making the commitment is the easy part, sticking with it is the heart of the matter.

Know this: a handshake or a signature is, for all intents and purposes, just symbolic. It’s the first half of the first step of truly committing yourself. Your commitment is something you must own and see out daily. And that’s where real, powerful change happens. Dig in!

- PS


  • 400m run time trial


  • 15 min AMRAP

    • 200m run

    • Max unbroken pull-ups