Workout of the Day

The leftovers...


Sometimes it's not just the food that is the leftovers. There's always a chance that there was a little over indulgence on Thanksgiving. If you're feeling a little less than optimal, get yourself and a willing(maybe unwilling) partner to go do something active. There are tons of things to do and see so get yourself outside, enjoy this wonderful life we have to live.

You're feeling lazy...that's cool too. The mind and body need rest in order to heal. Just make sure to spend 10-20mins stretching and mobilizing, I guarantee you'll start to feel motivated after you do that. Who knows what will come of that sudden burst of motivation and it might just turn out to be amazing. Plus I know everyone could use it regardless...

If you are really feeling the need to WOD, then here you go...find a couple people to do this one, it'll be more fun. Plus maybe you'll have a chance to "enlighten" someone about the benefits of fitness.

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


5 Rounds
50 Squats
40 Sit Ups
30 Push Ups
2 Minute Rest

* Perform each Round as fast as possible and write down total time along with split times