Workout of the Day

The last day of the year...



Meet up, get together and do this one as a group...It will be a lot more fun.

I know Sri lives close and has offered to run with anyone tomorrow morning at 8am. She said to txt or FB message her if you want to meet up. She's excited to show off her running chops.

You will all be starting your timers at the trailhead running up to the flagpole and then back down to the trailhead to call time. Below are a few links to some maps you might need.

Here is a link with the the Trailhead starting point. CLICK HERE.

This is a link with all of the "official" trails from the city of San Juan Capistrano. CLICK HERE.

This workout has great video potential so get some good footage and post it on our Facebook page.

Here is the link if you still need it, CLICK HERE.

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