Workout of the Day

The Language


While we typically think of communication as a matter of written or spoken word, physical movement and expression tell more than you might expect. For example, I don’t need to ask you whether you’re happy when you have a smile plastered on your face, nor do I need to ask you whether you’re feeling defeated and stressed when your shoulders slump and your feet drag as you walk in the room. Your physical self tells a story about your whole self. And much in the way that the words you regularly use can train the way you think, feel, and behave, the movements and physical expressions you regularly choose can do the same. While our initial interests may be to get abs or fit into a pair of jeans from high school, don’t forget that we’re learning a language, too.

- PS


  • Max unbroken strict pull-ups

  • Rest 2 mins

  • Max unbroken kipping pull-ups


  • 20 min AMRAP

    • 20 pull-ups

    • 40 KBS (70/53)

    • 800m run