Workout of the Day

The Commitment Equation


There’s an equation that will reliably “calculate” your level of commitment. It goes like this: your level of commitment is directly proportional to the amount of accountability you seek out. Or, commitment ∝ accountability.

We can defer back to our oft-discussed concept of skin in the game. If you, for example, say that you’re interested in learning how to ride a bicycle, but never bring yourself to take off the training wheels, it’s fair to say you’re not all that committed to learning how to ride a bicycle. Your fear of being unbalanced on just two wheels, the risk of falling and skinning your knee -- this is your accountability. On just two wheels, your actions have immediate consequences, and thus you are held accountable to these actions. Of course it’s hard, of course it’s scary -- that’s accountability, and it’s a powerful force.

This accountability can come in many forms. Interpersonal accountability (someone is counting on you), monetary accountability (financial skin in the game), reputational or social accountability (putting yourself out there, attaching your name to something, putting your ego on the line for something you value).

Put this idea into practice, and it serves as a litmus test for how committed you really are to something. Do you seek out more accountability, or more escape routes? Do you seek conditions where standards are held high, or do you prioritize a low-commitment, low-feedback environment. Do you invest time and money, or seek the easiest and cheapest out there? Do you set deadlines and goals, and have others hold you accountable to them? Or do you keep your goals quietly bottled up and just wait for them to happen?

Accountability’s out there, folks.

- PS


  • Squat snatch - 1rm


  • 10 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 5 squat snatch (65% 1rm)

    • Min 2: 5 box jumps (30”/24”)