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In our community, we enjoy the benefits of the burden carry. The effort is so eloquent and straightforward, we see it is a valuable tool. The apparent complexity is very low but the physical stress can be crushing. At a glance, you pick something up, carry it, and put it down. All the while, a person engaged in an appropriately loaded burden carry will tell you a different story. The view from the sidelines is much different than the view in the field.

In order to grow in a process, there is a prerequisite of applied stress around the objective. One would not assume to move directly from high school graduation to a doctoral program. Similarly, one should not assume to gain the ability to push 300lbs of weight when they’ve only just begun to learn how to push their own body. The steps required in both of the above scenarios require the additional components of time and commitment. From the sidelines, we can see the accomplishment and the effort. However, the real burden lies in much smaller things that are not always as obvious. Without commitment, there will be no effort. Without time, there will be no growth.

In establishing the desired result, one must also accept the terms in which growth can occur. Just like a heavy will not move it unless you have committed to the time and practice required to move it. This in and of itself is the burden, the rest is just work.

Get on the field, the view from the sidelines won’t get you there.

See you out there. #developyourself







04282020 - WOD

  • For time

    • In two rounds complete the following with a burden

      • Run 2:00 out

      • Return with a negative split(<2:00)

        • 30 Pull-up

        • 60 Push-up

        • 90 Squat

      • Tempo run

      • Run 2:00 out

      • Return with a negative split(<2:00)

*record time and total distance in the comments below