Workout of the Day

The Buffet


Imagine, for a moment, a buffet with everything: from seafood to steaks, salad bar to ice cream bar, breakfast food to dinner feast. And now imagine that you’re given one normal-sized dinner plate and told to have a go.

You can’t have everything all at once, whether you’re at the buffet or looking at the bigger picture in life. And in fact, trying to cram everything on your plate will result in an unenjoyable mess. Mint chocolate chip ice cream melting into your lobster tail with sage butter, anyone? No thank you.

Your best bet is to do two things.

First, focus. Pursue one or two things. Steak and potatoes with a side salad will do just fine for one dinner plate. The outcome will be far greater, and you’ll create space to come back for something else in the future, be it tomorrow or next week or next year.

Second, focus on the size of your vessel. Your metaphorical dinner plate can vary in size. We’ll call this your individual capacities, and the more you work to develop these, through daily habits, education, mindset, and practice, the bigger your plate becomes and the more room you’ll create for your next go-around at the buffet. While it may seem strange to fixate on the dinnerware at a buffet with such a dreamy spread, this is the long game that gets you more bang for your buck.

I love to hear about someone’s list of goals that’s as long as it is varied, but the fact remains: the best way to succeed at the buffet is to take it a few things at a time.

- PS


  • 3 rounds for max reps/cals

  • 1 min/station, 30s rest b/w each station

    • Cal row

    • Push-up

    • KBS (70/53)

    • DB bent over row (50/35)

    • Keg carry (5’ = 1 rep) (AHAP)


  • AMRAP 3

    • Hamstring curls

  • Rest 1 min

  • AMRAP 3

    • Hollow rocks