Workout of the Day

The Best Mover


The best musician, I would argue, is the one who can execute her craft in a range of genres, in a variety of circumstances, and for a variety of contexts. The guitar player who can play slow and solemn or fast and electrifying, who can play from sheet music or improvise on the fly, who can play solo or with a large ensemble is superior to the player whose expertise exists in a corner.

The same principle applies to movement. It’s one thing to be proficient in the back squat, bench press, and deadlift, for example. It’s another to have a range of capacities, including barbell lifts, gymnastic skills, endurance capacities, odd-object lifts, and more. Consider the difference between a lowered sports car and an all-wheel drive rally car. The sports car may go fast and make tight turns on a smoothly paved street, but a rally car can move with speed and agility in every terrain, from open roads to winding mountain dirt paths to rocky desert terrain.

You may have your favorite movements or genres of movement, but your path to becoming a better mover involves leaving no stone unturned -- this is General Physical Preparedness. Always be on the lookout for ways to expand the boundaries of your movement capacities. (And, you may just find that being good at one thing makes it easier to be good at another thing. That’s a win-win!)

- PS


  • Back squat - 3x5


  • AMRAP 10

    • 40 DUs

    • 20 push press (75/55)