Workout of the Day

The Balloon


Imagine, for a moment, that you’re blowing up a balloon with the intention of getting it to full capacity. Now imagine attempting to blow up the same balloon, except now someone is squeezing the balloon between their hands. The first scenario would be, without a doubt, easier to manage. Balloon with no added resistance is easier to fill than balloon with added resistance -- physics, right?

Now think for a moment about your posture. More specifically, think about your posture while you’re recovering after a hard workout, or between sets in the middle of a workout. Your capacity to take air into your lungs isn’t all that different from blowing up a balloon, and the effect of your position and posture on your capacity to breathe isn’t all that different from your ability to blow up a balloon with our without someone adding to the difficulty by squeezing said balloon. You probably see where I’m going with this.

Slumped and slouched over after a workout and between efforts not only looks like a posture of submission and defeat, it’s a suboptimal position if you’re interested in breathing well and recovering optimally. Squishing your poor diaphragm between your ribs and your organs isn’t a recipe for effective breathing, and ineffective breathing isn’t a recipe for peak performance. I know you feel tired and I know it takes effort not to slump, and that’s okay. But let’s stand tall, folks. It’s in your best interest.

- PS


  • Hand over hand rope sled pull - 3x100’


  • 10 min AMRAP

    • 30 double-unders

    • 20 push-ups

    • 10 lateral box jumps (24”/20”)