Workout of the Day

That's A Wrap: 2018 CrossFit Open


The 2018 CrossFit Open season has officially ended, and we’re taking time to look back at the lessons, the accomplishments, the opportunities, and the fantastic/strange outfits we saw our members don on theme nights. It was, as they say, a good run, and we’re excited for the takeaways that we’re left with, and hope that each of the participants has walked away with a renewed vision of their individual opportunities to grow as well.

The Open is exhilarating, scary, and humbling all at the same time, and we’re excited to spend the coming year providing the training and coaching to our students that allows them to perform at an even higher level next year. On top of this, we hope that the Open has lit a metaphorical fire under some of our students to find new opportunities to challenge themselves in the arena of competition and push the boundaries on their performance. Keep your eyes peeled for more chances to up your game, compete, and have fun along the way. Buckle up!

- PS


  • Pause front squat (2-sec pause) - 2,2,2,2


  • Tabata wallballs (20/14)

  • Rest 2 min

  • Tabata hand-release push-ups

*record total reps