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Testing Week


Today is CYBER MONDAY and we have extended our BLACK FRIDAY Promotion through today. That means you have the opportunity to get a headstart on your post Thanksgiving recovery. Some of you smart folks are already thinking about getting a jump on your New Years resolutions!!! Whatever your reason, CARPE DIEM!!! Seize the day my friends, you won't see an offer like this again.

Membership Packages are deeply discounted until the end of the day, TODAY. In fact the discounts bring the overall price lower than our old pricing. For example our 4 month packages will save the following;

Bronze - 2Days/week is $384, saving $256

Silver - 3Days/week is $468, saving $312

Gold - 4Days/week is $540, saving $360

Platinum - 5Days/week is $624, saving $416

Pretty damn good deals if you do the math! Plus, you still have two more days for 30% off PT/Skill Sessions and 20% off Retail Items

Back to training...I hope you all enjoyed your holiday weekend. As we return to regular business this week we will complete our final training cycle of the year. This week is Re - Test Week!!!

Fitness and Performance tracks should be giving it their all this week. Each track has it's own set of benchmarks and we want to see your accomplishments. If there was a time to hit a new PR this is it. Make sure to log your scores in Zen Planner so we can see your progress. Still looking for the link? Here you go. Having that information allows us to make adjustments to drive an even more successful program with even greater results next year. Good Luck!

-Lift Strong and Prosper

Today's Program


4 X 1
*Take 20 Minutes to Find a 1RM Front Squat

50 Cal Bike Time Trial


4 X 1

*Perform a Front Squat Followed by a Split or Power Jerk

50 Cal Bike Time Trial