Workout of the Day


What do you see in 2016?


What motivates your training?

Is it big numbers, GAINZ?

Is it an aesthetic body, JACKED and TAN?

Need more ENERGY to chase your kids around?

Maybe you want to jump start your way to a HEALTHIER life?

Let's figure it out because it's time to pick a program...Last big cycle of the year so make sure your training is in sync with your goals.

The next couple months we will be focusing on some new things. Conditioning will be a big part, so be ready for lots of stamina and barbell cycling.

For the crew in the Performance track, barbell strength will be Monday, Wednesday, Friday. Tuesday and Thursday will be gymnastic skills. Come prepared with your numbers because we will be using percentages for the next 8 weeks. I want to see everyone's score on Zenplanner, this will allow us to keep track of your progress. This next week will set your baselines, make sure to hit all your classes.

For my Fitness fans your focus this will be centered on fundamentals. Remember good training principles are focused on mechanics and consistency before intensity. There will be a lot of conditioning in store, I promise you'll get plenty of practice. Logging your scores isn't about competition or GAINZ it's about accountability to getting the most out of your training. Here's that link,

Still having a hard time remembering names of movements or knowing what they are?

Set up some skill sessions with a coach. Private training can go a long way in a short amount of time.

Decide which program aligns with your personal goals before you come to class on Monday. We want to ensure that everyone is training with a purpose.

We are getting ready to make some big moves people so get amped, get prepped and let’s do it up!

Lift Strong and Prosper!!!