Workout of the Day

Suffering Is Not Our Currency


Somewhere along the way, many people participating in the world of high intensity training have lost sight of the purpose of their training and the means to get there. The nature of this training can often drum up an unnecessary celebration of suffering as the primary means to fitness/health/etc. This applies to coaches and athletes alike.

Let’s set the record straight: suffering is not our currency. No doubt, high intensity functional training will be uncomfortable. But that discomfort is a bi-product of the training stimulus, not the other way around. We are not training to suffer, and suffering itself does not yield results (though there is something to be said for the value of enduring discomfort as a highly transferable skill).

Don’t make the mistake of confusing suffering with effective effort, or of dismissing training that doesn’t check the suffering box adequately.

Don’t be that gal/guy suffering twice as much and getting half the results.

- PS


  • 20min AMRAP

    • 10 V-ups

    • 20 strict push-ups

    • 30 air squats

    • 40 double-unders


  • 3x8 GHD back extensions

  • 3x 30s/side side plank