Workout of the Day

Stress Inoculation in the Weight Room


While we’re all likely aware that exercise is a highly-recommended tool for stress relief, the mechanism may be something you haven’t thought much about.

Just like a vaccine, which generally comes in the form of a controlled dose of the offending disease intending to cause production of protective antibodies that give you immunity in the event that you do encounter the infectant in the real world, physical training gives you an opportunity to prepare yourself to face stressors and come out on top. Here’s the thing: exercise is stress, plain and simple. Every heavy lift, long conditioning session, or high intensity effort puts you in a highly stressed state. Regular exposure to these stresses not only improves your physical conditioning, it also prepares you to handle future stressors, in whatever form they may take, and to continue to lean in despite the discomfort that stress inevitably causes.

So, next time you’re concerned that training may be too hard, stressful, or uncomfortable, remember this: that’s part of why we do it. Training is stress, and consistent and progressive training teaches you how to handle increasing levels of stress and grow from it, not fold under it. Lean in!

- PS


  • 3 rounds

  • In 8 minutes, complete:

    • 500m row

    • 400m run

    • 30 cal bike

    • Max double-unders in remaining time

  • Rest 2 mins