Workout of the Day

Start your engines!

Let's get this hopscotch shin-dig started.

Each day from Monday through Friday we will be posting a program for you to complete. It will include all the pieces you need to be successful during the break. There will be a warm-up, workout and some mobility.

Your job is to do the daily program and get it on video. Post a 30sec clip of you doing the daily WOD.
Your video clip can be the warm up, the workout or the mobility.

Should be simply enough...

Get creative, have fun with the incredible one of a kind individuals we all know you to be. You know...costumes, action clips, cut your video with some music, etc.

LIKES are worth 1pt

COMMENTS are worth 2pts
SHARES are worth 3pts

Tag your friends, family, coworkers anyone that might just give you a little extra attention.

Remember to have some fun!