Workout of the Day

Special Pre-Order: RPM Speed Ropes


With the CrossFit Open coming up soon, it’s a better time than ever to brush up on your double-under skills. Double-unders have made their way into every CrossFit Open in recent years, so you should expect them to show up in the Open again this year. And in preparation, you’ll likely be seeing them show up a bit more frequently in our GPP programming as well. This brings us to jump ropes...

We’ve long held that a jump rope is a personal piece of fitness equipment. While we do provide some courtesy jump ropes at the gym for anyone who’s forgotten to put their own in their gym bag, we believe that just like weightlifting shoes or running shorts, a jump rope should not be a communal one-size-fits-all item, but a personal item fitted specifically to you.

Our stock of for-sale ropes has recently run out, and in preparation for the Open, we will be putting in a pre-order on RPM Speed Ropes to give those who do not yet have a quality rope a chance to equip themselves. We believe in quality above all else, and RPM Speed Ropes fit the bill. While you certainly can learn double-unders on another rope, the right piece of equipment changes the nature of the task. Ask anyone who’s gone from a budget bead jump rope to an RPM rope and they’ll attest to the difference. Speaking personally, an RPM rope and some dedicated practice made the difference between no double-unders and double-unders.

Pre-order sign-ups will be up in the gym this week, and all orders are due by the end of the week. If you’re not a current member of the gym and would like to get an order in, contact Coach Preston directly at

Happy jumping!

- PS


  • Back squat - 3rm


  • 7 min AMRAP

    • 10 deadlifts (115/80)

    • 5 thrusters (115/80)