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SPECIAL EVENT - Introducing Breathwork


Congratulations on surviving the first full week of social-distancing. Hopefully, you have figured out how to navigate the challenges you’ve encountered over the last seven days. It is especially valuable to strike a balance between isolation and connection. We’ve been hard at work to help you during this unique time of need and our commitment to helping you through the platform of fitness is only getting stronger.

That commitment has guided our decision to lean into the proverbial punches, to take new challenges and develop them into opportunities. We have tasked ourselves with providing you a great digital space to continue your journey in fitness. That being said we are offering an additional component to our program. I am excited to announce that today we have a very special event led by Coach Preston.

For the past three years, Coach Preston has been diligently working to learn, research, and create a body of work around breathing. He even went as far as completing his master’s thesis on the subject. At a time when the desire for optimizing human performance is at an all-time high, he has been working with industry leaders at the forefront of unlocking the potential benefits related to the practice of breathwork.

Today we have the distinct pleasure of having him guide us through both our AM and PM Group Coaching calls. He will lead us through a series of breathing protocols thoughtful designed to fit our current model of programming. I hope you’ll schedule 30 minutes to join us today. We welcome all that are seeking connection during this time to join us. If you aren’t already part of our community but intrigued by this topic or just in need of community leave us a message in the comments below or click here to contact us. We’ll send you a link to join us. If you can’t make our scheduled call, don’t worry. We’ll provide a recording in our online community group.

See you out there.








03262020 - Rest Day

  • Breathwork Warm-up

    • 30 back-lying power belly breaths (ujjayi/ocean breathing - nasal only)

  • Breathwork Series

    • 3 rounds, ascending box breaths (nasal only)

      • Start at 5x(2-2-2-2), then 5x(3-3-3-3), continue to add one second after every 5 cycles until you cannot complete all 5 cycles without feeling of high stress/panic

      • 1 min easy, slow recovery breathing before starting next round

  • Moving Breathwork

    • Take a 10 minute walk, entraining your walking cadence with your breath (for example, take 3 steps with every inhale, 3 steps with every exhale) (nasal only)

      • Let your breath determine your walking cadence - this should be relaxing, not stressful -- if stressful, slow down your pace, take fewer steps per breath

  • Glute soft tissue work - 4 mins/side

    • :05 contract with inhale and hold, :10 relax with slow exhale

  • 20 cat/cows

    • Inhale into cow pose, exhale into cat pose

  • 10/side side-bending tabletop

    • Inhale into side bend, hold, exhale to neutral