Workout of the Day

Sounds Like You Need a Better Plan


Did you know that the city of Atlanta, Georgia has 71 streets with the word “Peachtree” in the name? And that several of these streets actually intersect with each other? This, among other things like a traffic choke where two major interstates converge at a primary entrance to the city, haphazard placement of population centers, and a rather average public transit system makes Atlanta one of the most poorly planned cities in America.

Unfortunately, Georgia probably doesn’t have the option to go back and redo the layout of their biggest city. That ship sailed a while ago, and Atlanta will likely continue to exist with its charming transit chaos into perpetuity.

You, however, do have the chance to do it all over again.

Sometimes, days (or weeks, or months) end up looking a lot like downtown Atlanta’s transit. Haphazard, confusing, chaotic, unproductive. I find myself looking back over my day or week with these disappointed thoughts more often than I’d like to, and the one thing that always reigns true in the face of my failures is that I didn’t have a good plan going into it.

I certainly won’t claim any model behavior here, but let’s just say we could all learn from the mistakes of poor planners.

The solutions tend to be simple. The challenge is that they require some dedication to having and following a plan and some effort now for payout later.

Upset with your food choices?

Disappointed with your workflow or time management?

Tired of your tardiness?

Bummed you didn’t make time for exercise?

It sounds like you need a better plan. Meal plan, block out your schedule, set reminders on your phone, plan your week out in advance, etc. If it doesn’t work, change the plan. Observe and adapt.

We’re not talking about rocket science (or city planning) here, folks. Just remember, chaos won’t take care of itself. You need a (better) plan.

- PS


  • 12 min EMOM

    • Min 1: 30s max cal row

    • Min 2: 3 muscle-ups


  • Max strict chin-ups

  • Then, 6 min EMOM:

    • ½ max reps chin-ups