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Sore Abs Revelations


Have you ever had sore abs? Really sore abs? So sore that you fear every cough, sneeze, chuckle, or attempt to get out of bed? No Boundaries students in attendance this Monday are likely in this boat right now after taking a run at CrossFit benchmark workout, Annie (which includes many sit-ups).

It’s funny how soreness can bring some things to your attention -- how much you use your abs to get out of bed, for example. And while getting your abs sore should not itself be an objective of a training program, soreness can be a healthy reminder now and again that abs aren’t just for magazine covers -- they’re important in just about every movement we do. They contribute not only to sitting up or raising our lower limbs, but also to stabilizing a weight overhead, to decelerating extension through the torso, to controlling rotation, to generating force in the hips. Look closely enough, and you might just find that the abs are a pretty important piece of the puzzle in just about any compound or dynamic movement.

So while of course everyone wants visible “abs,” let’s not forget that the abs are very much a functionally essential group of muscles. Safe, high performance, movement starts from the core. And we could probably all do with a little extra work to strengthen our midlines.

Looking for ideas how? Ask your coach!

- PS


  • Agility ladders


  • Pro-agility drill

  • X agility drill

*record fastest for each