Workout of the Day

Some Candid Thoughts on Change


My dad always likes to say, “The only constant in life is change.”

This line has always stuck with me. And I see the tension of this statement played out in the lives of everyone around me. So many of the decisions made in life, so many of our anxieties and frustrations, stem from our relationship with the idea of change.

This relationship comes down to our perceptions and beliefs of what we can and cannot control.

We like change when we feel we are in control of it. We tend to despise it, however, when we feel we are not.

Here’s the thing, though: The only thing we can truly control in life is our own selves, and how we react to the world around us.

Why does this matter?

Change is scary. And there are going to be changes in life that are terrifying and heartbreaking. There are. At some point, those changes will occur in your life. They are the inevitable cost of living in this world.

You can’t run from it, and unless you plan on shutting down each time it happens, it becomes pretty important to prepare yourself to deal with it.

When you understand that the piece you have the most control over is your reaction to change, rather than the change itself, you can do some work to prepare. You can train yourself to roll into the punches and come out the other side--maybe not unscathed, but at least still standing, spirit intact, ready to do more work in this world.

The best part is that when you relinquish the idea of control over the outside world, you free up energy to work on controlling yourself. And when you do that, you start to tap into potential you never knew you had.

We are strong, resilient people. We can withstand horrifying trauma if we need to, but only by understanding that we cannot control it; we can only control how we deal with it.

-Joy Sprimont


  • 24 min EMOM:

    • Min 1: 20s max cal row

    • Min 2: 20s max wallballs (20/14)

    • Min 3: 4 odd object ground-to-overhead (AHAP)

*record total cals + wallballs