Workout of the Day

Should Fitness Be Mundane?


I would love to tell you that every moment you spend working on your fitness will be exciting and engaging, but there reality is that some of your work will dip into the mundane. In fact, there are many times when the mundane work is going to be exactly what carries you forward to the next level -- to something more engaging and exciting. And we see this pattern everywhere. The mundane is something of a necessity, for the writer, the researcher, the restaurant owner, the parent, and any human being working on becoming better.

What defines the mundane is a level of relative simplicity and repetitiveness, and this is exactly what makes it so valuable. To get the most of our fitness, we are called on to regularly learn new movements, learn and play new sports, attempt new feats, challenge our limits. But to support these practices, we must also do some basic things repeatedly: practice basic body weight movement, large volume of recovery and accessory work, mobilize, warm-up, and accumulate reps. The mundane is “reps,” in the truest sense of the word. And with regularity, these mundane practices form the foundational structure on which all of the more exciting elements of fitness are built.

I pride myself on being rather optimistic, and of course a positive “go for it!” attitude can breathe more life into every practice, exciting or otherwise; but to think that you can reach any level of success without time spent on the mundane is a pipe dream. Want to get better? Dig into the mundane. It’s your one-way ticket to the next level.

- PS


  • 4x20s max cal bike

  • Rest ~2 mins

  • 15min AMRAP

    • 300m row

    • 20 sit-ups

    • 100’ sled sprint (5 plates / 3 plates)