Workout of the Day



Did you know that most everything written on this blog, I write not as an expert handing down wisdom from on high, but as someone who has learned and is learning from my own failures, struggles, and victories? I share ideas, about fitness and (often) not about fitness, because I have found these ideas useful, even fundamental in my own life. And frankly, I can’t imagine not sharing them.

The way I see it, there’s no better way to create value from your experiences than to share these experiences and what you’ve derived from them; and inversely, there’s nothing more disappointing than a valuable finding or experience that’s kept bottled up and hidden.

Put another way, if you stumbled upon the best seafood restaurant you’d ever been to at a little hole in the wall down the road, you’d be either a fool or a jerk not to share this little gem with those around you. We all know the silly adage: “sharing is caring.”

How can you create value by sharing your experience? How can you share the things that have changed your life for the sake of bettering others? It may not be as hard as you think.

- PS


    • With a partner…

    • For max reps, complete 3 rounds:

      • Partner 1: 60s max push-ups

      • Partner 2: single arm KB overhead hold (35/26)

      • -Switch-

      • Partner 1: 60s max wallballs (20/14)

      • Partner 2: 20 lateral hurdle jumps (12”)

      • -Switch-

      • Partner 1: 60s max pull-ups

      • Partner 2: plank hold

      • -Switch-

      • Rest 2 minutes