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It’s ironic in our more-connected-than-ever-before world of today, but true all the same: it’s easy to feel alone in your struggles.

You assume that you are the only one to feel tired and unmotivated, that you are the only one tugged on by your anxieties, that you are the only one who feels overwhelmed by the chaos of the day.

You can take comfort and find energy in the fact that these assumptions are far from true. The greatest athletes out there will drag their feet to the gym and dread another day of challenging training. The highest level leaders’ and performers’ nerves will be gripped by fear before a big performance, a major speech, or a high-stakes decision.

The range of human experiences is just that: a range of human experiences, shared by all. Look to your left and right: they’ve been there before, perhaps they’re there now.

Don’t think that you’re less in some way because of these experiences.

- PS


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