Workout of the Day



I spent the better part of 5 years -- the first 5 years of my foray into fitness -- searching for the secrets that would get me the best results. I can confidently report to you that I found no secrets, and that I don’t think you or anyone else ever will, no matter how hard you look.

In part, I’m grateful for this mistaken mindset I held for some time. Indirectly, it led me to read, observe, and learn a lot; it developed my discernment (read: bullshit detector); and most of all, it helped me truly understand that there are no secrets, and helped me to act accordingly.

This idea that there are secrets, I believe, is equal parts wishful thinking and convenient release from personal responsibility to the result. Of course we all want the magic bullet that will solve all of our problems instantaneously, but even more so, we don’t want to own that our results directly reflect our inputs. If you believe that there’s a secret out there, and you just haven’t found it yet, your failures are not a reflection of your commitment to the process, but of the fact that you’re just not lucky enough to have found the secret yet. Turns out, that’s a much easier pill to swallow.

As soon as you relinquish the belief that there is a secret that will solve your problems or give you success, you can direct your attention towards applying yourself to the practice with intentionality and focus. And this, it turns out, is how you make real change.

- PS


  • “Bradshaw”

  • 10 rounds for time:

    • 3 HSPU

    • 6 deadlifts (225/155)

    • 12 pull-ups

    • 24 double-unders

  • *35 min time cap