Workout of the Day

Same But Different


Our approach to coaching is based on the understanding that we are all the same but different. This is the premise behind our GPP (General Physical Preparedness) program, and defining how we work with each individual student. Humans, speaking generally, have the same needs; humans, speaking individually, have highly varied needs.

In practice, what this means is that the elderly and the young, the competitive athlete and the “just-trying-to-stay-in-shape” parent, the lean and the overweight, the experienced and the inexperienced, will all benefit from the same practice. Functional movements, variety, and relative intensity.

What this also means is that while grandma and the young, competitive athlete may be following the same basic program, their individualized practice will look very different.

The goal is the same: functional fitness.

The scale differs: one is looking to maintain functional independence and quality of life, one is looking to win championships and dominate on the field of play.

Avoid the mistake of dismissing training that may appear to be “not for you.” Your needs and the needs of the individual next to you differ in scale, not in kind.

- PS


  • Push press - 3rm


  • 16min EMOM

    • Min 1: 5 box jumps (30”/24”)

    • Min 2: 10 push press (AHAP)

    • Min 3: 15 V-ups

    • Min 4: Rest