Workout of the Day

Road Hazard Reported Ahead


If you’re an avid Waze user like me, thanks to the handy “heads up, ______ reported ahead” feature, you’ve likely saved yourself many times from driving through a pothole, getting stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, or landing yourself an inopportune speeding ticket. What you’ve probably never done is taken Waze’s warning that there’s a road hazard or construction ahead and decided to call it a day, turn the car around, and head back home. That would be silly, right?

So here’s the bait and switch:

You’ve found yourself facing a metaphorical road hazard. You’re extra busy, you’re injured, your schedule changed, whatever. Are you going to turn the car around and call it a day, or reroute and find a better way forward?

- PS


  • Tabata pull-ups

  • 1 min rest

  • Tabata box jumps (24/20”)

  • 1 min rest

  • Tabata push-ups

  • 1 min rest

  • Tabata double-unders

  • * record lowest number for each exercise