Workout of the Day

Right But Wrong


Just as it’s possible to do the wrong thing for the right reasons, it’s entirely possible to do the right thing for all the wrong reasons. The fitness world is no stranger to this phenomenon.

While I’m always happy to see someone doing the right things for their fitness and wellness, the fact is that your reasons can affect your outcomes. I don’t believe that there is a mystical feedback loop from the universe in which your intentions magically determine your results, but it is demonstrably true that your intentions affect your actions in ways that will subtly affect your outcomes. Exercising because you want to punish your body into submission for all of the other poor health choices you make (diet, prior lack of exercise, etc.), for example, will not yield the same results as exercising because you are keenly invested in your health, performance, and all around betterment. We can draw the dichotomy between exercising out of self-loathing vs. self-loving, resentment vs. excitement, fear vs. ambition, and see clear differences in the outcomes of each.

Of course what you do is fundamentally important, but understand that it is not the whole picture. Your reasons will affect your actions in ways you may not see, but which will set the tone for your outcomes.

- PS


  • Max unbroken ring muscle-ups


  • For 20 minutes, for quality:

    • 30s ring support hold

    • 30s bottom of ring dip hold

    • 30s false-grip bottom of ring row hold

    • 30s false-grip top of ring row hold

    • 15 strict ring dips

    • 15 strict false-grip ring rows

    • 15 V-ups