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While the title of today’s post might literally indicate a lack of activity for today’s program, in reality, it does indicate a very specific type of practice that includes activity centered around recovery. We recently made adjustments to our training cycle to accommodate some new conditions. One of those conditions is the change from a five-day program to a seven-day program. To the casual observer, this should not create any significant issues. Unfortunately, this small, seemingly insignificant change ignores the basic principle, that the human body requires adequate rest. Theoretically, if we are training seven days a week we are not allowing any time for our bodies to rest and recover.

We can challenge that perspective by prescribing a thoughtful rest day in our program. A day that dictates activities designed promote improved performance and recovery at the same time. Activities, that include therapeutic modalities to benefit our overall lifestyle. You can expect this to include thoughtful variance, designed to target multiple domains of activity. To use a popular analogy, we all need to take the car in for regular service. If we choose to ignore the scheduled recommendations we risk a much more catastrophic experience when something breaks down. The same is true for the human body. Our bodies benefit greatly from a little tender loving care and now we prescribe it in your weekly program.

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03222020 - Rest Day

  • Accumulate 5 min in a deep squat

  • 4 min couch stretch(ea)

  • Complete the following intervals for 2min(ea)

    • hamstring/glute mobilization

    • 05 contract :10 relax

  • Complete the following intervals for 2min(ea)

    • plantar flexion/dorsiflexion(ea)

    • :05 contract :10 relax

  • 100 good mornings

  • 10 min leisure walk