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Research Participation Opportunity


If you’ve been following along with my side ventures for the last couple years, you’re aware that I am in the process of finishing my graduate studies at Cal State Fullerton in the discipline of Kinesiology. My culminating work includes a research project, something I have been working hard on preparing for the last few months.

Recently, I’ve begun data collection, and now I am in need of participants for this research. That could mean you.

Let me fill you in on a few details.

Among other things, this research is looking at whether people’s breathing correlates to levels of stress and anxiety. In addition, the research compares participants’ performance on breathing tests to their performance in an aerobic fitness test (VO2max). This is an exciting opportunity to apply the scientific method to explore ideas that practitioners have suspected for some time.

Participation involves two visits to the Cal State Fullerton campus, where we will conduct three basic breathing tests and an optional aerobic fitness test. The only requirement is that you’re free from any respiratory acute infection or chronic respiratory condition.

Participants will get their spirometry results as well as their VO2max results (a gold standard measurement of aerobic fitness).

If you’re interested in participating or have questions, please contact Preston for more details via email at

Data collection is only happening for the next month or two, so don’t sleep on this opportunity.

P.S. Feel free to share this with friends and family who may be interested. The more, the merrier.

- PS


  • Ring muscle-up skill work

  • Max unbroken ring muscle-ups


  • 4 rounds for time:

    • 400m run

    • 5 ring muscle-ups

  • Rest 2 mins