Workout of the Day



I’d like to offer you a little piece of encouragement, perhaps even an opportunity to modify your perspective.

Being a student at No Boundaries will inevitably involve some hardship. It’s the nature of strength and conditioning, of challenging yourself, and of the general circumstances of life (which have nothing to do with the gym, except that they can seem to stand in conflict with your training). There will be times when you are busy, tired, sore, stressed, not feeling it. I know this isn’t sounding very encouraging yet, but I’ll get there…

These times when you’re feeling beat down and unmotivated, for many, are the times not to show up. These are the times when showing up feels least relevant to your life -- training would be too much. You’re already tired enough, sore enough, stressed enough, and really not feeling it, and training would probably only make it worse. But know this: the person standing next to you in class, or the person who is in class when you’ve decided that showing up is not relevant to your life, is probably just as busy, tired, sore, stressed, and not feeling it as you. And they’re not superhuman; they’re just folks who have seen that showing up is always relevant.

The thing is, showing up is relevant regardless of your condition. In the same way that the training of a student in his 70s who has no strength and conditioning experience is the same in kind but different in execution as the training of a student in her 20s who has just finished her career as a college soccer player, the training of someone who is tired, busy, sore, stressed, and not feeling it is the same in kind but different in execution as the training of someone who is fresh, unburdened, energetic, and feeling it. Coaches are here every day working to make the training relevant to you where you stand at this moment. This is our mission. So while the injured student may not be doing the same movement as the uninjured student, the training remains equally relevant and significant.

Don’t make this something it's not. Don't make it something intimidating or cumbersome or insurmountable. This is simply a place to learn and grow as a mover, regardless of the day.

- PS


  • Make 2 attempts at a 100m unbroken sandbag carry (AHAP)


  • 4 rounds for time:

    • 500m row

    • 400m run