Workout of the Day



One of the most remarkable qualities of training is how undeniably simple it is at the end of the day. While an ordinary day (or a lifetime, for that matter) may be riddled with chaos and uncertainty -- everything from unexpected traffic jams to health problems to surprise opportunities to natural disasters -- physical training boils down to a simple equation, really.

Stress + Recovery = Adaptation

Stress the system, provide space to recover from that stress, and voilà, improvement. More stress + adequate recovery = more adaptation. Too much stress + inadequate recovery = less adaptation. Too little stress + recovery = less adaptation.

You can seek refuge from the chaos and uncertainty of what life gives you in the simplicity of the process of training. Ban the concept that struggle is a bad word from your consciousness, and recognize that you have a space where struggle, very simply, yields progress. The equation is easy; all you have to do is plug and play.

- PS


  • CrossFit Total:

    • 1rm back squat

    • 1rm press

    • 1rm deadlift