Workout of the Day

Reactionary and Trigger-Happy


The word “ego” is loaded. When we hear ego, we think of egotistical, or egomaniac. In reality, the ego is an important and protective feature of being a conscious and self-aware human. It is integral to your concept of who you are, and how you relate to the world. The problem is that the ego is reactionary and trigger-happy. As a protective feature, the ego is a lot like a dog that barks at every sound it hears outside (and sometimes bites). Ascribe personality to this abstract notion of ego, and we could say that the ego has good intentions, but poor discernment.

This plays out frequently in education in all context. Corrections, redirections, and any effort that suggests that you may be less than perfect is perceived by the overprotective ego as a threat. The ego responds with reactionary responses, often aversion or aggression.

The good news is, much like an overprotective dog that barks too much, the ego can be trained. Recognize that a reaction is different from a response. Rather than barking defensively at anything that seems to threaten your story of self, give yourself the chance to pause, breathe, consider, then respond. Of course we have impulses, but we always have a choice as well. Don’t let your ego shackle you into stagnation.

- PS


  • In 15 mins, complete

    • 800m run

    • AMRAP

      • 12 barbell overhead lunges (95/65)

      • 12 pull-ups