Workout of the Day



There will always be sunshine and rain.

Consider these two common narratives. While they both start at opposite ends of the spectrum, inevitably they both lead to the same self-confirming bias.

  1. "I’m really busy right now. If I only had more time. It’s too hot. I don’t have the right equipment. That looks too difficult…"

  1. "I have to practice social distancing. I’m stuck at home. It’s raining. I don’t have the right equipment. That looks too difficult..."

Two different circumstances that lead to the same excuses. I am reminded of two things that were said frequently in my college gymnastics experience.

“All of your excuses are real if you believe them.” and “GAF”

There will always sunshine and there will always be rain. Neither matter, you still have to make the decision.

See you out there. #developyourself







04082020 - WOD

  • For distance

    • 8min run (use a watch or an app to measure)

*record distance in the comments below

  • 4 rounds for quality

    • In an ascending ladder sequence, at tempo, perform each movement in order before moving up the ladder

      • 1-2-3-4-5 Australian pull-ups(1010)

      • 2-4-6-8-10 push-ups(1010)

      • 3-6-9-12-15 squats(1010)

  • Tempo run

    • Run 4min out

    • Return with a negative split(<4:00)