Workout of the Day

Proud of the Process


Have you ever found yourself celebrating a PR on your single leg hamstring curls? How about a record performance in thoracic mobility drills? Posted something on Facebook because of how excited you are about your ankle soft tissue work and running form drills?
The likely response to all of the above is “of course not.” We celebrate record performances in 5k times, deadlift PRs, accomplishing challenging gymnastic skills, and other such “results.” The rest is just little pieces of the process.

We direct our pride towards the results, and there’s nothing wrong with that. It would be kind of weird to be a proud record-holding rear delt raiser, or world champion foam roller. But what if we directed a bit more pride towards the process? What if we got a little more stoked about our accessory work, our sleep, our nutrition -- the “little” things?

While there’s nothing at all wrong with taking pride in results, when we concern ourselves so much with the result that we forget about all of the steps it takes to get there, we end up with an ironic pickle of result obsession not yielding results. If we tend to the process, however, the results ensue.

Real accomplishment is born not out of glamorous performances, but out of daily practices and habits -- a culmination of all the so-called little things. So let’s take some pride both in what we achieve, and in everything that it takes to get there.

- Preston Sprimont


  • Yoke carry - work up to max 50’ carry

  • For time:

    • 500m row

    • 80 DUs

    • 100’ overhead DB carry (AHAP)

    • 40 DUs

    • 100’ overhead DB carry (AHAP)

    • 20 DUs

    • 100’ overhead DB carry (AHAP)

    • 500m row